Interaction Designer


Hi, I am an interaction designer who creates user interfaces and user journeys on the internet.

Currently I am working at the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol creating prototypes and workflows for planning appeals.


About me

about me

I'm an Interaction designer with over 20 years commercial experience. I have witnessed many updates in technology and design in the online evolution. However one thing remains true, users should be at the heart of good design.

I am passionate about delivering good user centred designs that provide positive experiences.

I have a BSc Degree in MediaLab Arts from the University of Plymouth.

DESIGN (Photoshop, Balsamiq & Sketch)

UI (Post-its, Miro, InVision)

User Feedback Sessions & Analytics


GitHub, Heroku and GDS Toolkit


Polecat Intelligence

2016 - October 2020

Lead UX Designer

Responsible for creating a great user experience within the company's products. Managing the interface design, wire-framing, user testing, product tours, product personalisation, quantifying engagement and user satisfaction with Intercom and user analytics.

Muddy Boots Software


Visual and UX Design Lead

Ensuring the consistent look and feel across the Greenlight Product range by continuously reviewing, testing and recommending ideas to improve the User Interface.



Senior Digital Designer

Responsible for the art direction of all digital projects. Design and layout of the E-commerce website, email design, marketing campaigns. (Admiral)


Lead Designer

Grew an in-house design team
responsible for the website design and email marketing campaigns. Including Homepage Redesign and Quote Process.

Bristol & South West


Freelance Web Designer

Contracts for various agencies and in-house teams. Designed and built Brunel Promotions website and supported marketing with emails campaigns and website re-design at Screwfix.

London Agencies


Web Designer

Designing websites and advertising campaigns at Dorling Kindersley, Icon MediaLab, Modem Media, Cisco Systems.


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  • User Experience
  • Web design
  • email
Hub Homepage Testing

Hub Homepage Testing

RepVault Design

Confused Homepage

Confused Homepage Homepage redesign and A-B Testing


Wireframing & Mockups

Mockups are created in Balsamiq or Sketch and turned into click-thru's using InVision to test key concepts and layouts without the distractions of branding and cost of development.

Research | Test | Repeat

Understanding user behaviours, motivations and goals to build successful product experiences. Card sorting, A/B testing, user journeys, personas and analysis.

UI Design

User Interface design. Creating production ready visuals based on the wireframes. These are on brand and accurate as possible ready for development.


My favourite CMS for creating client and community projects. I love stretching the capabilities with plugins and customising themes. Including this web site.


To discuss a prospective project or role see my contact details below or send a message using the form.