red telephone box yatton

Yatton’s Red Telephone Box

A new lease of life for the village red telephone box.

A great deal has happened since I first thought about updating the telephone box and all of it positive. Thanks to a warm dry summer I spent time sanding down the outside, priming the box and then repainting it. This was quite a task and took a little longer than i had anticipated but my next door neighbour and friends helped me out whenever they could. Two coats of Pillar Box red really made the box shine and caught the eyes of many passers by. In fact i had many encouraging comments as people saw me painting it and stopped to talk about my plans.

After painting the telephone box I replaced all the broken windows with tough 4mm Perspex, which was cheaper than glass, and more difficult to break. I then cleaned up the inside and removed all the rubbish and fliers left inside. After a quick scrub with soapy water there wasn’t too much to do except add a bookcase and i had a spare one which I thought may just fit. I measured it twice and it was inch perfect and secured it to the inside of telephone box so it wouldn’t tip over. I removed the old poster describing the coin-op telephone instructions and replaced it with a new one explaining the book swap idea and providing details of a Facebook page and Twitter account which I had set up to help promote the box.

Finally I added some books which villagers and friends had kindly donated and put up some  ‘Book Swap Now Open’ signs.
About 2 weeks later, the red pillar box opposite the box was also repainted complimenting the Telephone Box. If you’re ever driving through Yatton, take a look.

The finished box from the outside, complete with Chilli Plant tray alongside – its not just for book swapping! 🙂

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