Martin Gray UX Design Portfolio

The Village Red Phonebox

I live on the high street in Yatton, a small village about 15 west of Bristol. Everyday I pass the old red telephone box which has been de-comissioned and now stands unloved, with paint peeling and many panes of glass smashed.
I decided to do something about it and have recently been in talks with the owner of the shop that it sits outside to restore the red box and turn it in to a village book swap. It could also be a village noticeboard.These red telephone boxes are part of our heritage, they are disappearing from villages and I have a chance to save this one and make it useful rather than watching it become trashed. It would be great to restore it to become part of the village community, hence the idea of a communal book swap that never closes. They were introduced in 1935 (the same year my house was built) and are a British icon.I have now set up a Twitter account, a facebook page which has over 100 followers and have added a page to streetlife which has a number of local businesses interested in helping out with the restoration.

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