Web Designer

Portfolio website redesign

I have redesigned my portfolio website. It is a new WordPress theme which I have customised and I’m finally happy that it is better than the one which it replaces.

Like many usability and user interface designers I spend all day, everyday making interfaces look more intuitive, cleaner and eye catching. My own site gets neglected and so I start to build up a list of ideas that I would like to include in the redesign.

Website benefits

The redesign uses a single page layout to provide an overview of myself and my CV. There is also a much improved portfolio section, my photographs and blog sections are tidier and the site works better on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

The other benefits are behind the scenes. The site has been optimised to work quickly on all platforms and perform better in search engines. I have more control over the titles, keywords and descriptions of each page allowing the pages to be indexed and display better on different devices.

I hope you like the site and please feel free to give any feedback on the redesign.