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Real Ale Review

They say tastes change as you get older and recently I’ve opted for a Real Ale over Lager. I’m not the only one either as latest figures suggest Real ale is having a revolution with microbreweries popping up all over the country. Particularly near Bristol where there are now 10 Craft Ale Pubs

Rather than create a list on my phone to keep track of some nice ales, I decided to build a new WordPress website that blogs my personal journey of ale discovery. I set up RealAleReview to publish my reviews along with a photograph of the poured pint and empty beer bottle. Readers are able to add comments and ratings to the existing reviews or even submit their own.

As well as beer reviews, I blog about things i have learned, such as which beer glass to use for which type of beer. This site lists relevant brewery details along with a Google Map pinning all the locations. This took a bit of research to find the perfect plug-in but the idea is to find an ale that’s brewed nearby when visiting different parts of the country.

Its an exciting journey and I hope to learn lots and possiblly one day brew my own beer. Until then I’m happy to keep blogging about my discoveries and find a new favourite ale or two.

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