Elite and Vitempo (Healthspan)

Vitempo is the rebranded name for Healthspan France. I was tasked with the e-commerce website design which had to provide a clean fresh feel and tie in with the three television adverts being shot in Paris.

The adverts followed three different characters who were looking for the right Supplement products for them. Whilst looking at the Vitempo website an advisor emerged from their computer screen or iPad and into their living room to answer their questions. Helping them  to make the right choice.

Fortunately I received many high quality assets from the shoot and was able to incorporate the visuals of the 3 characters and the advisor into the Vitempo homepages.


TV Advert Elite

Elite is sports nutrition supplements developed by Healthspan. This was a new sub brand to help grow Healthspan’s core business of selling nutrition supplements to the over fifties.

At Healthspan i created html emails and landing pages based on the approved branding, photography and the product packaging and design.