Sony Playstation Pitch

This successful pitch included a proposed redesign coupled with a critique of the existing site. The new site was to appeal to girls as well as boys and coincide with the launch of the PS2. A complete breakaway from the existing PS1 website which was dark, dated and unappealing to anyone other than teenage boys. Below is an extract from the site critique.

Looking at the Sony PlayStation site there is no evidence of this ‘gaming revolution’. There is no reference to this ‘new gaming’ genre, and no reference in terms of style/look and feel to the designers republic or club culture.
The whole site looks like an assortment of objects thrown together with frustratingly little in the way of functionality or content. Little consideration to modem users, even on a 56k modem the site takes a long time to render.
In short the PlayStation site needs not only a face lift and a re-launch but an entirely new concept and direction that reflects the brand values and conveys the marketing and advertising objectives.. There isn’t a better time to rethink the site especially in light of the imminent launch of the PlayStation 2 in early 2000.