Screwfix HTML Emails

These Screwfix HTML emails were created whilst contracting at the head office in Yeovil. I was working in the marketing department and responsible for the design and build of product email campaigns. These included seasonal offers, clearance items and new product lines. The design and layout needed to adhere to the brand guidelines and where possible mimic the style in the printed brochures.

The most successful were the pro-active and post-active weather email campaigns.

The idea behind these weather emails was to promote new and relevant products based on severe weather warnings.  These adhered to the company’s strong existing branding and coding standards and needed to pass rigorous deliver-ability tests using many browsers, platforms and email clients.

The idea proved successful and subsequently more Screwfix HTML emails were designed to cover more severe weather based campaigns such as Flooding, Storm Winds and Snow & Ice.

To see more examples of creative HTML emails take a look at the ones i have built for Coca-Cola and Betfair

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Gales Email

View the final HTML Email build.

Flooding Email

View the final HTML Email build.