Polecat Hub and RepVault Design

Polecat RepVault

My Role:

I worked at Polecat Intelligence  as the Lead UX Designer. Polecat are are a Software and a Service Company (SaaS) producing Reputation Risk Software.

My core responsibilities:

  • Function as a bridge between Design, Product Engineering and Marketing Teams
  • Own Polecat Hub interfaces and prepare style guide and interface guidelines.
  • Own design from initial sketches through to final Product Build.
  • Develop the UX Strategy and measure product usage and interactions to qualify success
  • Created interactive product tours and in-app messages for new users and trials.
  • Build customer emails and manage campaigns in Intercom and MailChimp.
  • Manage Polecat website and responsible for publishing changes via CMS.

The key projects I have been actively involved in are:

  • Hub Homepage Design and User testing
  • RepVault Profile Page, Comparison Page, Trends Page
  • Main navigation concepts through to build
  • Login and user journeys
  • Design onboarding Campaign and build interactive Product Tours
  • Create and managed the product HelpCentre

The Challenge

Meaningmine was the original Flash based Risk product

Polecat’s core product was MeaningMine a functional but unfriendly product made in Flash which is now unsupported by most browsers and due to be blocked by December 2020. My primary challenge was to recreate this product in HTML and CSS, my secondary challenge was to add value to the core product.

Mainly by:

  • Making it more user friendly, it had a very dark interface with lots of confusing screens.
  • Retain the features but improve the interface
  • Enable it to be viewed on tablets and possibly mobile phones
  • Introduce colour for branding but also usability – lots of colour research.
  • Design a layout that enabled users to clearly see the data.
  • Enable users to interact with charts and see the articles underneath.
  • Long term, extend the product as a suite of applications in a Hub that would enable users to have more of a holistic view of reputational risks
  • Save searches and create reports.

The Approach:

Partnering with a project Manager, the CTO and Head of Sales to draw up initial sketches of the product which would eventually become RepVault. This started as a number of post-it notes on a wall then sketched up in Balsmiq, then designed InVision to create initial interactions of each chart. I taught myself Bootstrap to create a fully functioning prototypes to share the design principles and content strategy with the technical team.  This initial Profile Screen was the birth of RepVault.

Page EvolutionAfter a year the product grew to include a Comparison Page to enable companies to benchmark themselves against their industry piers, then a Trends page which would help to view patterns in risk over a period of time. For each of these projects I ran the initial brainstorm and designed mockups to help communicate the idea to the company owners and board members.


Keeping the navigation consistent between these pages was key, they had to look like different versions of the same page and not a separate product. After research I used a dropdown navigation that would allow users to select Taxonomies, Sources and Date Ranges, these were consistent and help tie the pages together.


Polecat Hub

As RepVault grew there was a requirement for Customer Reports to be created as well as some bespoke charts for certain clients. These options eventually took up the form of a Hub which contained the applicationsRepVault, Reports and Dashboards.

For the Hub, I designed the main navigation and mapped out the user journeys, the login/forgot my password process.

User Research

Throughout the design process the user feedback was key. Gaining insight from customers is not always easy but various feedback sessions were organised with key stakeholders. This coupled with detailed analytics from MixPanel and from Intercom gave me crucial evidence to support changes or indicate areas where improvements and iterations were required.

User Research




The first Profile Page Prototype i built in InVisionSee the initial prototype for Topic Filtering
View RepVault Design in Invision
View the original Portfolio builder
See the interaction demo for sentiment and impact chart