Polecat RepVault Design

I have worked at Polecat Intelligence for almost four years and I am now the Director of UX Design.
Polecat are are a software development company producing Reputation Risk Software.

RepVault is the company’s main product. I have had the privilege of seeing this idea through from initial ideas on a post-it note to a wireframe,  prototype and now a sellable product.

I am now engaging with users and designing personalised onboarding campaigns and building product tours with Intercom.

The key stages I have been actively involved in are;

  • Homepage Design
  • Homepage User testing
  • Profile Page
  • Profile Comparison Page
  • Profile Trends Page
  • Navigation
  • Login and user journey
  • Designing Onboarding Campaign – Intercom
  • Designing and building product Tours – Intercom

RepVault’s evolution can be seen through the screens below,