Healthspan HTML emails

One of my first tasks at Healthspan was to take a look at the marketing emails and see how they could be improved. I managed this by identifying 3 main factors.

1 – Templates
The look of the existing emails were a little over-designed, they were like flyers or mini posters which were bespoke for every email sent, they took far too long to design. The solution was to create templated emails with content areas that could be easily swapped in and out. This included, product shots, benefit ticks, intro paragraph and campaign banners.

2 – Mobile friendly
The most important thing factors about HTML emails is deliverability, especially with the ever growing use of smart phones and tablets. The current email design was too wide to appear on a phone. The solution was to create a template no bigger than 600 pixels which would render perfectly in any smart phone.

3 – Simplify
Lastly much of the email was created using too much text and imagery. The idea was to keep it short and sweet, hit the user with a main message a pretty banner and a call to action. They can click through to a landing page for more information but the email itself should have impact.

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