I was Head of UX Design at MuddyBoots software for 3 years. During this period the best projects i worked on were Dashboard Designs, Email Branding and the Single Sign Login Pages.


Dashboard Designs

The method of consulting users what they would want on a homepage rather than second guessing.
Muddy Boot’s Quality Control is a web and mobile-based tool used by Supermarkets suppliers and manufacturers managing product quality specifications and scheduling and completion of product and facility quality checks and assessments.

The old homepage was a list of assessments available to the user. These reports and graphs help illustrate the quality of the supply chain and identify problem areas.  However the list interface is not very welcoming and the initial screens do not help to ease the user into the product offerings.

After consulting with users i found that they often went to the same report to find the latest figures which they copied and pasted into an email or imported into excel to create a graph of the results

These screens show my ideas for a new customisable tiled dashboard that helps provide users with a clear visual overview of their data on the homepage. It enables them to easily identify problem areas and see changes in values over previous weeks or different providers without running reports. Users are able to view Tiles of data drill down to reports and customise the tiles from a preselected list.


Email Branding – Nobody checks their spam folders
With a growing number of clients Muddy Boots relied more on email to communicate with customers. I created a branded template for Marketing to communicate product updates and features with the clients. These needed to be eye catching and on brand but also simple to create and get through the spam traps within email clients.  Nobody checks their spam folder!

Login and Homepage Designs

These evolved as the product grew. From simple introduction screens to useful dashboards that gave an all up view of changes since the previous login.