Betfair Emails

Animating Emails
A series of html emails which were built to promote various major sporting events in the year.

My idea was to integrate as much animation into the email as possible whilst still retaining the high coding standards in order to avoid spam traps andĀ render correctly in all email clients and all web browsers.

In the following examples the house collapsed in the first email, the sun set in the second and the horses head moved in theĀ  the third. To see the final HTML builds of each email click on the buttons underneath.

These emails all received a rigorous amount of testing in various browsers, platforms and email clients.

[dvbutton url=”” style=”” newtab=”yes”]Free Fall?[/dvbutton] [dvbutton url=”” style=”” newtab=”yes”]Sun Goes Down[/dvbutton] [dvbutton url=”” style=”” newtab=”yes”]On the Nose[/dvbutton]