Left on a train

Ever left something on a train and wished it was easier to get back?

My wife left her purse on the train last week. By the time she had realised her mistake the train had left the station so there was nothing she could do but register it with First Great Western and hope someone handed it in. The FGW Lost Property phone line is truly dreadful. She spoke to someone in India to log the item and was told to wait 7 days before calling back. They would let her know if anyone handed anything in.

it was so frustrating that the item was still on the train heading to Bristol Parkway and there was nothing that could be done immediately. If you could phone the train and explain to the guard that would be awesome, someone was probably sat near it yet there was no way of contacting them to get it back.

This is when I had the idea of social media and in particular Twitter.  Most train commuters are addicted to their phones and hundreds of thousands of them must use Twitter regularly.  What was needed was an account and hashtag that could be used to spread the word quickly and hopefully find the item, maybe even before it was handed in!

I decided to set up Leftonatrain – an idea to help UK train travellers retrieve their left items quickly via other commuters using social media. Its crowd-look-out. If you are on Twitter take a look at my profile  and use the hashtag #leftonatrain-  If you use facebook please take a look and like this page.

Within the first day of creating the idea and tweeting about it I had gained 100 followers and support s from Network Rail, Paddington Police an First Great Western. Within a week i had 140 followers and guards are now tweeting photos of items left on a train before they hand them in to lot property. This is great because it shows there is a need for such a service and it may allow people to know where their property is.

Oh and my Wife’s purse was handed into Bristol station and she picked it up the following day 🙂



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